Nick Griffin is an aspiring actor, comedian, disability and social justice advocate. Openly gay and living with Cerebral Palsy Nick hopes to influence the world by providing constructive feedback, sharing ideas and developing innovative solutions while engaging in respectful, balanced and intelligent conversation. 


Adopted at birth and raised on a farm in the Adelaide Hills, Nick quickly established his independence, resilience and a strong sense of compassion for living things. Comfortable with his own company Nick spent most of his days alone exploring nature and traversing the bush.


At age eight Nick's family, concerned for his social development, decided to enrol him in the local Scout group. Excited by the opportunity, Nick quickly made new friends and learnt many valuable skills. By his late teen's nick had not only become a highly respected leader among his peers but had also acted in several volunteer roles in the broader community.


Unlike scouts, High School wasn’t as pleasant. Although academically gifted Nick struggled with bullying. Despite this, Nick displayed resilience, assumed leadership and spent much of his time mentoring new and vulnerable students as well as serving on the Student Representative Council.


Shortly after year 12 graduation, determined to experience an authentic life, Nick left home and headed to the city. Instead of attending University as originally planned, Nick enrolled in TAFE and after 12 months of study took up his first role as a personal carer. This small change in course marked the beginning of what would be many years of service as well as an honorary induction into the school of hard knocks.

Nick Griffin

Aspiring Actor & Comedian
Disability & Social Justice Advocate

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Market Research Panels
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Customer Service Reviews
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