Personal integrity: Developing a code of conduct.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

#Companies#organisations and #governments often spend a significant amount of time developing a #code of #conduct. This document often plays a key role in #governance and ensures individuals act in an ethically and #sustainable manner to protect the organisations #reputation.

As individuals, it's worth sitting down and writing out our code of conduct. This helps us #affirm who we are, #clarify what's important to us and the type of things we #value#Today I decided to work on my code of conduct. Here are some of the things I try to #align my actions with #everyday.

As a citizen of Earth, I promise: 

1. To serve my family, community and the globe in an honest, transparent and truthful way.

2. To protect the vulnerable from exploitation and persecution.

3. To provide for my family, community and the globe within my capabilities.

4. To inform people in a helpful way that assists them to make decisions.

5. To challenge the ideas of others to evoke critical discussion and synthesise new ideas.

6. To listen with the intent to learn and understand the perspectives of others.

7. To act with integrity and to show kindness to all living things.

8. To share my knowledge freely so it benefits all of humankind.


Nick Griffin

Aspiring Actor & Comedian
Disability & Social Justice Advocate

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