Flying safety: Does Delta Airlines mother and daughter flight crew compromise safety?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Cockpits are technological advanced and require operators to be focused at all times.

When #families function well together, they’re an unstoppable #force. There’s nothing quite like having your #brothers and #sisters beside you with your parents at your back when you’re facing #obstacles. Unfortunately families rarely function effectively on full - most are #dysfunctional at some point regardless of noble intentions. There’s regular #fights over #resources, #dominance & #attention.

Family run #businesses aren’t new, however there are some circumstances where familial #relationships between #staff can be detrimental and even dangerous, like in this example of a mother and daughter flight crew. For those of you in aviation, you’d acknowledge the #relationship between the #captain and the second #officer needs to be professionally based to avoid any impairment in #objective #decision making.

Cockpits are no place for familial disagreements.

The second officers job is to challenge the first officer if they believe the captains actions are potentially putting the #aircraft at #risk. A daughter is unlikely to assert herself in the cockpit due to the parental dynamics that exist between her and the captain. At 30,000 feet, travelling at over 600km/hr, there’s no room for #emotional familial #disagreements - time is critical. What may be ok in the family owned restaurant is not acceptable in #aviation.


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