A life well lived: Why I'm grateful.

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Life is full of opportunities to grow in develop into an amazing human being.

I’ve been very fortunate over my life time to have been afforded many amazing #opportunities thanks to some amazing parents who wanted to see me #grow and #develop into the man I am #today.

From the age of 8 I started #caving, rock #climbing, #hiking and #kayaking. I’ve lead many expeditions into the #wilderness, flown a plane, cycled from Adelaide to Mount Gambier and back. Been at #sea for months at a time, #traveled and backpacked around #Australia.

I’ve won an international graphic #design competition, numerous #photography ones and I was afforded the opportunity to study #Science at university in year 10. Suffice to say I’ve worked hard and achieved a lot by being open to #opportunity.

Today I’m #fortunate to have met an amazing partner and I’m beginning to settle down. Today, for me, it’s about giving back and improving the #lives of others. Of all the feelings I’ve felt, this one trumps all.

Never underestimate the power of #giving to others. There is nothing more liberating and powerful than welcoming #abundance into your life and seeing others #triumph.

Nick Griffin

Aspiring Actor & Comedian
Disability & Social Justice Advocate

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