What is reality: How many realities are there?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Infinite possibilities but limited interpretations.

Is #Chaos #Theory the grand daddy of all theories? That is, does the very nature of Chaos Theory negate all other known theories in relation to #time and #space?

Given there is the potential of an infinite amount of points (p) in space/time (where p = (x,y) and x = s(space) = ∞, y = t(time) = ∞), but a limited amount of realities (r) - a #subjective phenomena limited by the #mechanics of the individual observing and interpreting the #phenomena. Does it not make sense that it is simply impossible to #predict the next moment (p) in space/time? As humans we like to think we can predict what happens next in any given #sequence. We’ve developed many different #tools, #theories, #laws and #calculations to facilitate this, but no matter how close we get, things happen that are totally unpredictable. As #Einstein put it, it’s like rolling dice with infinite sides with a #probability of 1/∞ of getting the #prediction right. In this article Paul Halpern explores the Chaos Theory further and how it all started. Article link.

Books on the theory of reality.

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