Emotional psychology: How to get your needs met in life.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

From a baby humans have learnt to get what they want through their emotions.

Despite my personal efforts to always act with #kindness and #fairness, I often miss the mark. Sometimes I don’t treat people with the #respect they deserve or give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes my inner child takes the reins. Sometimes I’m a right asshole.

The truth is, if we’re honest, we all have moments whereby we think our #needs are more important than those of another. Both in our #professional and #personal lives it’s easy to become obsessed and entwined with something we #think we need.

In this fascinating article Dr Steven Stosny explores a concept that has come to dominate popular psychology - emotional needs. By re-examining #Maslow’s hierarchy needs Steven reassess what it means to be "emotionally needy".


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