Marketing basics: How to create a logo.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

A great logo should be #memorable, simple and easily recognized by consumers. The same applies to the media that it is applied to, so #consistency and #repetition is critical. This means, simply applying a logo to material is not effective nor supportive of the overall message if the elements of the design do not support or strengthen the logo in any way.

A logo can be reinforced on various types of media in several ways, but in most instances, repetition is the most effective. Repetition does not necessarily mean applying the logo multiple times to #material but could expand into areas like utilizing the #colours of the logo, the #typography#shape and #form.

Businesses who spend significant amounts of money on developing a brand will often employ graphic designers to develop what it is known as a #style guide. In simple terms, a style #guide states the rules on how a company public image must be constructed and applied to ensure consistency across all #marketing materials. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to the application of the logo to various materials.

To develop a clever logo is not sufficient on its own to create a strong brand. More time and thought needs to be put into the businesses overall visual #image and how materials appear to the general public. When a good logo is bound with effective #supporting materials, businesses can develop a strong visual presence which will be reinforced more in consumers minds as more promotional materials are introduced. In turn, this creates an overall continuing #cumulative advertising campaign.

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