Big winnings: What would you do if you won the lottery?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Putting back into our community is financially smart and personally rewarding.

Recently I decided to come up with a 1.5 Million Dollar #Plan and how I will contribute to this amazing world we live in. By #balancing between #present needs and the #future, this is what I came up with.

1. Meet the current needs of myself and my partner to facilitate an #empowered life. (PERSONAL NEEDS - 46%) (NOW) - Buy a #home and #vehicles so we can be mobile and well rested.

2. Provide hope to others and give them the tools to empower themselves and their #communities. (PHILANTHROPY - 13%) (FUTURE) - Establish #scholarship fund and community #grants fund.

Projected budget expenditure.

3. To provide immediate assistance to #alleviate suffering. (GIFTING - 13%) (NOW) - Provide #donations to #organisations providing health care and #community aid.

4. To provide security for my family and to maintain the #sustainability of my activities and #career. (INVESTMENT - 14%) (FUTURE) - Invest in startup #companies, public #stocks and term #deposits.

A break down of expenditure as per presented table.

5. To develop myself and my family further by #investing in our #passions and #education. (SELF INVESTMENT - 14%) (NOW > FUTURE) - Invest in further study and training and joining organisations of #influence.

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