Navigating change: How to survive life.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Our journey throughout life presents us with treacherous water, stormy weather and high seas.

I see so many posts on #LinkedIn and other platforms trying to equate #positivity with #happiness. Happiness is not positivity, and being positive doesn’t require a person to be happy. Here’s why. As humans we experience a wide variety of #emotions. Each emotion exists to inform us of our current #situation so that we can take corrective action to #improve it. Emotions should not be ignored, just like a #storm on a radar shouldn’t be dismissed by a #captain. If we ignore our feelings we run the risk of hitting higher #ground and in some instances even hitting rocks. Being positive is about being true to ourselves, listening to our #feelings, expressing them and trusting in them to navigate us to #calmer waters. Being positive is being hopeful and knowing greater things lie ahead regardless of what we maybe feeling or experiencing in the #present moment. Being positive is not about putting on a fake #smile and pretending everything is ok. Being positive is not #judging our emotions and #condemning them for not pleasing others. Positivity is accepting the truth, the #pain and the #suffering. #Positivity is trusting the process and knowing something much #greater is coming.


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