Macro photography: What are extension tubes?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

#Macro photography is a fascinating and exciting field of #photography. From insects to flower buds, there is a whole world to explore. Unfortunately my experience to date has not been great, so to combat this I decided to invest in a series of macro #extension tubes for my existing #lens.

Macro extension tubes are hollow glassless cylinders that connect to the end of your lens. They fit between your lens and your #camera allowing you to #focus closer than you normally would be able to with your existing lens. They contain no optical #glass and essentially only effect exposure by reducing the amount of #light reaching your camera sensor.

Macro extension tubes come in two types. The first requires you to use the #manual focus function of your lens. These extension tubes are relatively #cheap - I bought mine off ebay for $30. It is recommended you use a macro #focusing rack with these lens allowing for more #accuracy.

The second type of extension tubes allow communication between your lens and camera permitting the use of auto focus. These types come at a much higher #price, but still significantly cheaper than a dedicated #macro lens. Depending on how you like work, either will yield interesting results.

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