Introducing NapSafe: A new approach to reduce homelessness.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

On the night of the 2016, ABS Census over 116,427 Australians recorded themselves being homeless, 13.7% up from the previous Census 5 years before. 7% of those recording themselves homeless went onto indicate they were sleeping rough in parks, tents and makeshift shelters. Many of these people being mothers, children and those with physical and intellectual disabilities.

The causes of #homelessness are many. From domestic violence, physical abuse to financial difficulties and a lack of employment, people end up without #shelter for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, the #community is quick to judge and many homeless people face constant harassment from authorities, government agencies and the general public who assume the worst.

The truth is, homelessness could affect anyone at any time. All it takes is one bad event. Perhaps your partner has been made #redundant, or perhaps you've come down #sick and unable to continue in your current role. Whatever the case, perfectly healthy and successful #people can and do become homeless. It's a part of life and you could easily be next. 

For those who have #families and are well connected in the #community, sleeping rough is an unlikely outcome. For those with little or no family, have migrated from overseas or are from out of town, the chances are much higher. And while most cities harbor homeless shelters many are plagued with problems and offer limited space.

In August 2008 San Francisco California, Airbnb was launched. Since then Airbnb has revolutionized the accommodation industry and is now worth 31 Billion dollars. Hotels now face competition from private homeowners who offer unique and often tailored on-demand accommodation options for a fraction of the cost. 

Underneath the hood #airbnb is based on a very basic concept, homeowners list the room they have available to rent, and travelers find and pay for it using the website or a smartphone #app. This got me thinking. Would it be possible to launch a similar app but for those sleeping rough looking for safe #shelter for the night?

I've traveled significantly throughout my life and I know our world is full of #generous, kind and caring people. Many of these people have #spare rooms, #space on their property to #camp, or even a #couch to crash on. Surely there are some people out there that would only be too happy to provide a homeless person with a #warm #safe space to sleep for the night.

Introducing #NapSafe, an app designed to #connect those who are sleeping rough with a generous registered volunteer with a bed to spare. No more social issues associated with homeless shelters, no more having to travel long distances across town and no more relying on #charities and #government to solve the #problem. A genuine, community-orientated app aimed at linking people in need with those that can help. Instantly and on #demand when and where it's needed.

Sounds great huh? Absolutely! When does it launch? Well, that's up to us. The #technology is there and so is the need. Over the next few months, I plan on presenting my #proposal to as many existing charities as possible. Public charities, government #agencies, church #groups could all help in making this app a reality and homelessness a thing of the #past. As a community, we can fix this problem and the best bit is, we can do it with the resources we already have. 


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