The changing face of childhood: How has childhood changed from past to present?

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Children at play - an essential part of development.

I grew up in the 1990s; the age before mobile #phones, #iPads and #Pokemon. A time before #technology took hold and consumed our lives. I entertained myself playing with my #chemistry set, #Lego or dismantling things like our old television set. I lived in a world of #curiosity and opportunities to #explore it felt endless.

Today children live in a technological bubble where answers are given to silence the #questions and the need to #experiment replaced with boundaries of certainty to protect from #failure. A childhood once built on mobility and engagement, now founded on passive immobile indifference.

In this article Phyllis L Fagell compares the childhood of today to yesteryear. From changes in communication to the advances in technology.


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