Surrendering to life: The less we care the more we win.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

As a kid, I use to hate #playing Monopoly with my family. Most of the time my #competitive brother would always #win, and I would storm off in huff refusing to play again. This event was so common, I #expected to #lose

In my early thirties, I had a #revelation. Rather than focusing on #winning and becoming frustrated when I didn’t, I would #focus on having #fun. It was at this point something #amazing started to happen. Instead of repeating my losing streak, I started to win, and #often! For some reason the less I #cared about #winning the more I started to win!

Why is it that the less desperate we are for something the more likely we are to succeed? #Monopoly is a completely random game. There’s no real #skill involved so it can’t be linked to the fact we play better when we care #less. So how can we reasonably explain this #phenomenaFurther reading.

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