Staying safe: What is an emergency beacon?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Beacons help rescue teams locate victims quickly and efficiently.

In #Australia, there are three types of #emergency locator #beacons available. Whether you’re a sailor, hiker or pilot these devices could save your life-giving emergency services critical information on your #location

It worth noting all #distress beacons within Australia must now be digital with #GPS and #transmit at 406MHz (beacons that transmit at 121.5MHz are no longer detectable and MUST be replaced). 

#EPIRBs are Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and are designed for #boats travelling at least 2 nautical miles from the coast. When these devices come in contact with water they emit a signal and float on the surface of the water. 

#PLBs are Personal Locator Beacons and are small, compact and designed to be used on #land. Cross country based expeditions are encouraged to carry these when entering areas without mobile phone or radio coverage. 

#ELTs are Emergency Locator Beacons and are designed for use in #aircraft. For more information on aviation, requirements be sure to check with #CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

For more information on beacons and to be sure you’re using the correct one, check out the government's website for the latest regulations and standards on these life-saving devices.


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