Unanswerable questions: How big is the universe?

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

By understanding our DNA we will understand our potential?

Is Human #potential limited or is it defined by our #genetic code? Is the fabric of #reality boundless or is it constrained? Is #science an endless pursuit or does it have a finite end? These are questions that have been plaguing #humans since the time they began to think. But what if space is infinitely #big as it is #small (s=∞). And what if time is infinitely #long as it is #short (t=∞)?

Visualise a graph stretching infinitely in both directions on the x-axis (x=s(space)=∞) and infinitely in both directions on the y-axis (y=t(time)=∞). The only point we can be sure of is where the two axis intersect, point (p) (where p=(x,y) and P=∞). This is the #present moment. A unique point/co-ordinate in space/time - an #objective phenomena unlimited in its representation. #Reality (r) on the otherhand is the #observation (Or) and #interpretation (Oi) of point (p) by an #individual (i) capable of doing so - a subjective phenomena limited by the mechanics of the individuals observation and processing system.

Given the complexity of our current #brain and its history, could it be argued that #evolution is simply an engine driving life on an endless journey to be more mindful and engaged with space/time?

Nick Griffin

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