Saving endangered species: WWF's work to save the mountain gorillas.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

A female Mountain Gorilla cradles her young.

Just like Dr Diane Fossey, I have a huge affection for Mountain #Gorillas. Found in the forests of the #Congo, #Rwanda and #Uganda, this highly #endangered species of #primates always reminds me of our innate human nature. Gentle, caring and loyal, these peaceful giants demonstrate the active kindness that exists in all social #animals.

Often when I am pondering my own feelings or behaviour I stop and ask myself, what would a Mountain Gorilla do? Sadly these amazing creatures are under threat due to #habitat destruction, #poaching, #disease and post civil #war. With only one thousand or so existing in the wild, it easy to see why this amazing species needs protecting and preserving.

A Mountain Gorilla keeps watch.

Thanks to the #WWF World Wildlife Fund this unique species has a fighting chance. Check out the amazing work #volunteers and the local #communities are doing to look after these amazing creatures.


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