Blog writing tips: How to write an article.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

To write is to order words in a meaningful and powerful manner.

A #wordsmith's duty is to order words in a #logical, #methodical and powerful manner in which to convey intended #unambiguous meaning. When using #words, whether written or spoken, it’s essential we choose them wisely. It is through words that we project our #interpretation of reality and thus in turn often persuade the #reality of others.

Word craft is arguably one of the most valuable #skills a person can have. Words have immense power and can be used to #inspire greatness and provide #comfort in times of suffering. Equally words can be used to #induce fear, #suppress cultures and #dominate socially.

When it comes to #assembling words, less is more. The more words a person uses to convey a #message, the more diluted and less powerful the message becomes. This is worth keeping in mind when writing #procedures, #recipes and #instructions where being #concise is critical.

Equally, the more #inclusive words used, the greater the audience and greater the #impact. This is a key consideration when writing press releases or anything aimed at the general population. Always avoid #jargon and #hyperbole. It doesn’t increase the #credibility of a statement and almost always #alienates receivers.

To read more about words and their #power and to learn how they can help you, check out the following #article by Dr Jack Schafer from #Psychology today.


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