Positive thinking: Why winning isn't everything but making the effort to win is.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Winning isn't everything.

Today I found out that I won first place in an international #photography competition. Instead of feeling thrilled and excited, a feeling of #melancholy swept over me - what about everyone else? Where was their #award? Why me? Contrary to what most people might tell you about winning, standing on top of the podium is a very lonely place to be.

Achieving #recognition feels great, but being #elevated above others does not. It’s #humbling, a great #honour to be recognised by your peers and should be treated with the upmost #respect. Throughout my whole life I have dedicated myself to #supporting and building others into #strong and #resilient people. The more I see them achieve in life the more pride I have in myself - I’m sure many parents can relate.

#Winning is not what most people think it’s about. Winning is committing yourself to helping others to find their own wisdom and strength, to achieve their best. It’s not about being the #best overall. It’s not even about beating your opponents. It’s about helping your #competitor to be their best, and in doing so becoming your best.

In this article Sara Zimmerman, an equestrian rider gives her take on winning and why it doesn’t really matter. ARTICLE LINK

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